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A Letter To Writers

I want to acknowledge the beauty in what you do; what you create. I want to thank you for the hours, weeks and even years you spend making my life richer.

I appreciate you for the risk you take; pouring your soul onto the page and hoping it lives up to the dreams you had for your story.

I build Impish Writer each day as a way to say "I know it's hard. but let me make it a bit easier."

I hope you find the app a place where everything fits.

It tries to make the tasks of writing more elegant and interconnected, more human.

I put planning and research in a single secure cloud-based app.

Writing and goal setting and tracking are key elements. As is formatting and exporting, so I spent sleepless nights working to get it just right.

I wanted to say thank you, so I built you a space.

I will keep building it, just as you will keep writing

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What authors are saying

- You can just feel the care the developers put into this application. They really are writers, and it shows. -
Hanna M