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The Many Trials Of Facebook (part 1)

I'd like to harken back to the good old days, when I was young and hopeful. Tuesday.

See on Monday of last week I had a plan.  It was a good plan I thought. I was going to follow the steps of a young man who made over a million dollars selling socks online. I had nothing to lose but a few days effort, and if it worked it would be a great way to give this site a boost. I was going to do everything he did. And step one was create some Facebook ads. 

So after I watched his video and made notes. I had what I thought I needed, to get started. 


Step 1. Find 5 images on a stock site, that sort of captured the feel of my user.  

Step 2. Write a bit of copy for each image. A little story. 

Step 3. Sign up for facebook business

Step 4. Create a new page and an ad account

Step 5. Build out the ads and wait for a day for something to measure. (which ad did better and such)

For step one, I went to It's a site that has a pile of stock images. Most of these are amatures that actually do want exposure. (no pun intended) . The images are typically really good, and have a large enough resolution that I knew I could work with them. 

Facebook suggests a 1200 * 628 image size, so I made all 5 images that exact size. 

I then added some nice text to each of my five images. 



They all seemed realatively nice to look at, and quite honestly made me think about what the site was about. 

So I moved on.

Step 2. I wrote up a title, a sub title and a call to action for each of the images. Nothing seemed hard, and by now I'd only spent about 90 minutes on the project. It would be worth it, and it didn't set me back on my word count for the day.  Not all that much. 

Step 3 and Step 4. Signing up for a business account and Ad Account under that was easy. I had to go get my credit card out of the kitchen, but it was simple and straight forward. 

Step 5. This was a bit more complicated. I didn't quite know if how to orgainze the ads. They could be under one campaign, or under several. The pricing per day wasn't easy to get because while it would let me set a daily limit, it wouldn't let me pick one day. I eventually said "Okay I'll post for 2 days"

After another 90 minutes of fiddling I had 5 ads ready to go.  So I hit publish.

Facebook put the ads into "review" status and then eventually they turned to active.

And then everything exploded slowly as Facebook dismantled my hope.

To be continued.....