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The Many Trials Of Facebook (part 2)


Where was I?

Ah, yes. The smashing of the hope. 

I had all my ads approved and running.  And then I got a notification. My ad-account was suspended. 

My ads were off and I didn't know why. I had no warning. The account was disabled and I couldn't see into my ads. 

I was very confused, but after some digging, I figured out that Facebook has a two-pass method for ads.  The first pass is a shallow look and the second pass is deeper. That made sense to the programmer in me.   Step 1. run through a cheap scan (cheap technically). Step 2. Run through a deeper more thorough tool. That would catch out the really bad stuff quickly and then later catch the quietly bad stuff. 

But I didn't see how my ads were bad. They followed all the guides I could find.  I had been careful. 

Here's where it got tricky.  See the ad's themself were not flagged. Just the account. So I didn't know what I'd done wrong. I had no idea which of the 5 ads Facebook had taken issue with. 

And then it got trickier.

When the account was marked "suspended" I got an email telling me so. But about 3 hours later I got an email telling me all my ads were approved. 

So, the deep inspector said everything was good. 

That had me shaking my head.  

If the ads are good, what caused the account to be disabled?  I had no idea. 

So being young and nieve, I opened a chat window with Facebook support and asked them. 


Support is less than supportive

Support told me they couldn't tell me which of my ads had violated their policy, only that a policy had been violated.  I pointed out that I can't fix something if I don't know what it is. And they told me that they can't tell me "because hackers". 

Really? Hackers?

I've been a member of Facebook for like 15 years. If I was going to hack a site, it wouldn't be one that I use to talk with my mom.  That would be like trying to rob a bank after giving them my ID and Social Security Number. 

But I had a recourse. 

I could appeal the decision. 


Appeal at your own risk

So I lodged an appeal, and I waited about 20 hours. 

Then I got the amazing email telling me they made a mistake, and that the account would be turned back on. 


So I republished the ads.  Some person had taken a look and approved the account. There was no violation, right? 

And I'd gotten the email that said the ads were good. 

So turn them back on and start to see the clicks. 

The ads go through the quick scan (even though they'd been through it before) and I get emails telling me everything is good. 


Then phase 2 of Facebook's plan to beat me down went into action. 

to be continued...